What is SDA and SIL?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL) you’re going to hear a lot about these in the NDIS, but what are they? Although both terms look alike, there are key differences in these two different services offered by NDIS.

What is Support Independent Living (SIL)

Support Independent Living or SIL, is a type of funding for NDIS participants that require support to help the participants live independently. This can come in various ways such as –
Helping NDIS participants to live alone or in a shared home A SIL Provider will do various different things but in general, will help NDIS participants with :

Support around the house
Help with activities outside of the home
Help with day-to-day tasks such as cleaning etc.
Medication Management
Personal Care
Domestic Assistance
Home Modifications
and Much More
And here is what isn’t covered by SIL

Money for Day to Day expenses such as Groceries and activities
Transport Costs
What is Specialist Disability Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation or SDA is a type of funding for approved accommodation for NDIS participants that require specialised housing options. SDA Housing will be shared between participants (5 Max). SDA Homes are not available to all NDIS participants, only those with very high support needs are usually eligible.

How do you access SDA?

Accessing Specialist Disability Accommodation starts with meeting with your NDIA Planner and discussing your current situation. Based on this they will review your needs and see the potential of SDA. If your NDIA Planner determines that you require SDA Support, the next step is NDIA approving/disapproving your request. And then If approved the NDIA will help you meet your accommodation needs by finding you an SDA within your requirements

What is the Difference between SDA and SIL?

Although the names sound similar, the two different types of funding are fundamentally very different. SIL in its essence focusses on funding support services for those that require help living independently. SDA focuses more on the building/house for the recipient, this is designed to help those with disabilities find affordable housing.

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